Tribit Wins 4 VGP 2021 SUMMER Awards

Recently, the “Oscar in the audio world” Japan VGP authority announced the 2021 SUMMER Award List. Tribit, owned by Thousandshores Technology Inc., wins 4 VGP 2021 SUMMER awards. The StormBox Pro speaker is honored to be the VGP 2021 SUMMER Gold Medal and Special Award, and the StormBox Micro speaker and TWS FlyBuds C1 earbuds win the VGP 2021 Summer Awards respectively.

Founded in 1987, the Visual Grand Prix (VGP) Awards has a long history of over 30 years. It has always been known as the “Oscar in the audio world” and is the largest and most authoritative audiovisual product award in Asia. The Japan VGP Awards brings authoritative experts from dozens of countries around the world together in order to select the best products. It is an authoritative reference guide for ordinary consumers when they buy audiovisual products.

Tribit StormBox Pro

The Winner of VGP 2021 SUMMER Gold Medal and Special Award

The exterior of the Tribit StormBox Pro Bluetooth Speaker is shaped like a kettle as the prototype. With minimalist lines to outline a sleek appearance, such a shape is designed to achieve 360 stereo surround sound. The silicone handle gives more comfortability when carrying the speaker, which indicates we think the most ergonomic details for users.

Besides the exquisite appearance, the Tribit StormBox Pro comes with 360 stereo surround sound to allow users to enjoy wonderful audio quality and ultra high performance. Adopted 2.1 structure-borne sound, the speaker’s full frequency makes human voice rich and natural, and low-frequency bass deep and thrilling, bringing users unparalleled music experience; The self-developed XBass technology enhances bass and improves its sound effect; 24 hours of long battery life can last music playback all day long; Low latency and high fidelity sound quality together with Qualcomm QCC Bluetooth chip supports APTX lossless Bluetooth transmission, and ensures stable performance and low power consumption; Designed with IPX7 waterproof capability, the speaker can work normally after immersing in 1 meter deep water for 30 minutes.

Tribit StormBox Micro

The Winner of VGA 2021 SUMMER Awards

With a mini, compact and portable body and a built-in hand strap, the Tribit StormBox Micro Bluetooth speaker is an "outdoor music elf" that people can't put it down. The petite size and high configuration, exclusive patented XBass enhanced bass technology, and 43mm full-frequency dynamic speaker units make the speaker stream better-than-expected sound.

As a Bluetooth speaker specifically designed for outdoors, its waterproof capability and battery life are certainly excellent. With IP67 waterproofing grade, the speaker can effectively block the damages from dust and grits, and work normally after immersing in 1 meter deep water for 30 minutes, which can fully meet the requirements of outdoor music listening. Built-in 2600mAh large capacity battery allows continuous 8 hours of playback. Intuitive battery capacity design makes you much relieved even at outdoors. No worries for battery life!

Tribit FlyBuds C1

The Winner of VGP 2021 SUMMER Awards

Tribit FlyBuds C1 true wireless Bluetooth earbuds are inspired by the combination of tennis racket and golf club. The red metal decorative ring feels noble but is never dull! It is the first to design the buttons on the earbud handle, thus its function control won’t oppress your ears to bring more comfortable wear. 

Besides its delicate outlook, the performance of the Tribit FlyBuds C1 earbuds should not be underestimated! It supports APTX audio decoding with excellent resolution and low sound latency. Its professional audio quality rivals the sound of Sennheiser. With balanced tri-band performance and wide sound field, and ultra high resolution and reproduction, the earbuds are perfect for popular music. In addition, the earbuds used the latest QCC3040 Bluetooth chip to reach stable, lossless sound quality and conversation effect, and the newest Bluetooth version 5.2 for faster, more stable transmission and lower power consumption.

In recent years, more and more music lovers began to keep an eye on the VGP awards, and these awards turn to be popular icons for music lovers. 3 Tribit products achieved the winner of 2021 VGP SUMMER Awards, which indicates the design, research and development capabilities of Thousandshores Technology have reached the international first-class level in the field of audio products. Everything in the past is just the beginning, and Tribit will continue to go ahead and create more stunning products in the future to bring more Chinese goods abroad. Come on!